Welcoming #ArtyChat

Wednesday 15th November 2017 by @RTpromotes

The vision of @artychat is to create a community of people who are interested and passionate about art and provide a forum where these people can engage, support, discuss and contribute to the world of art.

Through regular twitter discussions (Tweetchats using #artychat), @artychat will cover topics that add value to the community and develop future discussions as suggested by the community. This is not only aimed solely at artists, but also galleries, museums, art historians, students, anyone in fact that is interested in art .

Tweet chats will be announced well in advance and will use our hashtag #artychat to identify them and make them easy to follow.  The chat will be run by volunteers and a summary will take place afterwards. Take a look at our guide to tweetchatting here. 

The idea is that through discussing topics, further topics will arise and therefor the wheel of enquiry, discussion, knowledge and experiences will continually evolve and be shared.

As there are no geographical boundaries on Twitter, the seeds will be sown far and wide and the Community will be open to a diverse field of experiences and opinions, which can only enrich the value of the Community.

Through this group of people and discussions @artychat could become a resource for galleries and museums to understand what their audiences enjoy about the exhibitions and what could be done differently.

Through @artychat,  artists who are feeling isolated, can talk to other artists and share difficulties which together they can hopefully overcome and gain support and fellowship.

Via @artychat  artists can offer advice on what works and doesn’t work when trying to promote your work and can give new graduates the benefit of their life experience.

By talking on @artychat, art educators can share their knowledge and enrichen the lives of many more people than they can through books, lectures or institutions.

The list of topics and posibiities are endless but the one constant is keeping the love for art alive. It will be an exciting journey which I hope many of you will join and together we can create a resource that informs, supports and celebrates the beauty and wonder of Art.

The first #artychat chat will be on 28th September at 8pm and is aptly called ” Social Media and Art”.

Full details can be found here within the  tweet chat calendar. If you have any questions, or know someone  that would benefit from this new community, please send us a tweet via @Artychat !

We look forward to engagging with you and building a diverse and bustling community together...



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