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Tuesday 28th May 2019 by @artychat

Guest hosting an Artychat is a great way for individuals to share their knowledge, expertise or ideas with the online community.

The over-riding emphasise is that the chat should be constructive and the community goes away with some learning. It is a forum where you can explore new ideas, discuss a particular art practice, delve into Art History, talk about up coming exhibitions, the difficulties of curating or how to invest in art! We want to have a really diverse field, as this will ensure the community will thrive and stay informed in as many areas of the art world as possible.

If, therefore, you have a specialism in a particular artist, practice or teaching why not share your knowledge with the community and host a chat? Perhaps you’ve read an article that is valuable to share or have had a particular experience, just finished an Art Foundation or opened a new gallery, then please do apply to be a guest host!

Guest hosting does take a little bit of time and commitment, so here’s a quick summary on what guest hosts need to do:

Write some pre chat information (about 200-300 words) with some links to relevant reading, posing questions and get people thinking before the chat.

Lead the chat – ask questions, tweet thoughts, ask others opinions and answer any questions they may have. @Artychat will be there to back you up, round up any non-hashtaggers and RT important points.

Write a post chat blog that summarise the general themes of the chat and your thoughts and feelings about the chat. Please bear in mind that we need this 48 hours post chat.


We’ve compiled a form to fill in to apply to be a guest host which you can download from below (a word document).


Once you’ve filled out the form email it to us at 

We look forward to hearing from you!



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