Tweetchats - made simple...

If you are new to Twitter or haven't joined a tweetchat before we have made it nice and simple for you, we hope you find the following guide and tips useful! 

Twitter chats are often regular chats that take place at a specific time around a predetermined subject and use a hashtag (#) as a flag that binds a conversation (sometimes they are not planned too), they are an excellent way to use the Twitter professionally to discuss topics with peers (and often beyond peers).  

There are some very simple steps to joining in a Twitter chat:  

You can use any method of tweeting to join a chat like your phone via a twitter app, online at or via a third party twitter tool like Tweetdeck for example.

Simply start by searching for our chat hashtag > #ArtyChat < click here to see this in twitter now

You'll see a list of tweets all containing #ArtChat

#ArtyChat binds all of our tweets into a stream where we can see the conversation, or chat:

To take part in the chat simply add #ArtyChat to your tweets (not case sensitive), now you are tweetchatting!

It is important to add #ArtyChat to your tweets so other participants not following you (yet) will see your tweets in the chat.

Here's a few tips for twitter chatting:  

You can find more tips here in our "Top Ten Tweetchat Tips".

Any questions, just send us a tweet to @ArtyChat 

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